Thursday, 15 December 2011

I'm Seeing Red...

...and I like it!

These luscious red posies were for a client having a Scottish wedding. The breif being she wanted to coordinate with his multi-coloured tartan kilt. This being blues and greens and reds, we went for these bold red posies to pick up the red accents in the fabric.

I think they turned out fabulously.

The bouquets consist of red spray roses, red freesia, red dahlias (aren't they stunning!), red alstromeria, red tulips, red spray carnations, and red hypericum berries.

The bridesmaids were wearing black dresses so we bound their posies in black satin. A very chic look!

All boxed up and ready for the big day!

Thanks for stopping by!

~ Emily @ Blossom

Monday, 24 October 2011

Petal Puuurrrfection

I am obsessed with the perfection of these stunning white ranunculas.

This is a bouquet I did a couple of weekends ago for our lovely bride Angie.

We were originally going to make her a posy of baby's breath but there was a freak Baby's breath shortage in Auckland and what was on the market was terrible quality so we quickly came up with a back up option for Angie and it just goes to show you flexibility pays off because the resulting ranunculas posy was a stunner.... I mean just how perfect are they!?

It's kind of ridiculous, they look almost fake.

Angie was thrilled and so was I because I got to add this gorgeous bouquet to our ever growing portfolio.

FYI Ranunculas season is Winter-Spring for all you 2012 brides who fancy a bit of this gorgeousness.

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~ Emily @ Blossom

Monday, 15 August 2011

She's a hot one!

...Hot pink that is!

How vibrant are these roses?! Such a *POP* of colour, how fitting that the variety is called 'Panache'.

These very pretty bouquets were for a July Wedding, and what a great way to add some vibrancy to a grey winter wedding day.

The gent's buttonholes were Panache roses with ruscus leaf, bound in pink satin.

The ladies corsages also consisted of pink Panache roses with ruscus leaf, bound in pink satin.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Vintage and Peonies

Theresa and Sam married in November 2010 and so were fortunate enough to be able to incorporate these beautiful ivory peonies into their wedding style.
These beautiful photographs were taken by Kimberley Piggot.

The ruffly ivory peonies worked so well to add to the vintage glamour of the day and the touches of soft coffee and mocha/pink 'Metalina' and 'Something Special' roses tied in perfectly with the bridesmaids dresses.

The buttonholes were simple ivory and soft coffee roses. The Groom's buttonhole was bound in ivory satin to complement Theresa's dress and the Groomsmen's buttonholes were bound in the soft mocha to complement the bridesmaids dresses.

The flowers girls were adorable with their posies of ivory peonies and mocha roses, with their flower circlets using baby ivory roses and leaves adorning their heads.

Thanks to Theresa and Sam for allowing us to share their beautiful wedding photos, and to Kimberley Piggot for letting us show her work.

If you are marrying in October-Dec do consider Peonies... they are just to divine not to.

Happy wedding planning everyone!

~Emily @ Blossom

Friday, 15 July 2011

For the love of Hydrangea

Here is a favourite wedding of mine that we did earlier this year for our lovely client's Sam and Courtney who married at the beautiful Grace Hill Vineyard Estate.

Their colour theme was purple and the style was shabby chic vintage, so incorporating these two concepts we used the stunning mottled purple hydrangeas as a base and various other delicious varieties including purple lisianthus, purple trachelium, purple sage, green amarathus, rosemary, ivy, asparagus fern and green berries.

The tables at Grace Hill were styled using shabby chic vintage cut crystal vases, bottles and cups, filled with tinted water in varying shades of blues, purples, lavenders and wines. 


We then filled the vases with clusters of antique hydrangea and lisianthus in all these amazing variations of purple hues. Each set up used approximately 8 bottles or glasses and all their different heights, shapes, sizes and decorations made for such a sweet and interesting table centerpiece.

The vases were surrounded with tea light candles in glass holders which when lit would catch the flame light in  the crystal glassware and look amazing.

Their unique multi-tiered cake was surrounded with the same stunning hydrangea in the various shades of purples, blue, mauve and wine.

Hydrangea is such a wonderful versatile and cost-effective bloom due to its voluptuous size and the amazing array of shades available. Hydrangea season is late November to early May with the antique colours coming through near the end of the season. Perhaps once considered old fashioned Hydrangea has made a come back in a big way and is a part of the very chic retro-wedding trend that has been around for the last few years.

I hope you loved this wedding look as much as I do. Happy planning everyone!

@ Blossom

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Elegant Harbourside Wedding

It is my pleasure to be able to present these elegant shots from our client's Lauren and David's wedding in May, held at the very stylish venue in Northcote, The Wharf. We created these striking bouquet in a deep plum shade using calla lilies and roses to compliment with Lauren's bridesmaid's beautiful pewter silver dresses.

The gorgeous photographs were shot by

Great angles and styling by Jel Photography. Lauren and David married on a gray Auckland day and I actually love the soft silver back drop and lighting captured in these shots adding to the striking look of the deep reds and grays.

How cute are the little wedding party members! This little man looks very dapper in his suit and tie.

A beautiful shot here of Lauren's gorgeous dress and shoes against the gray Auckland cityscape...

Lauren is a picture of classic beauty here. A very striking shot and nice framing of the bridesmaids in the background.

I love this dramatic shot of Lauren under the Auckland Harbour bridge. Such a stunning juxtaposition of Laurens bridal elegance and the gritty bridge foundations.

Another beautiful framing shot of the dapper little page boy between the Bride and Groom

The guys look so handsome. Some clients these days debate whether buttonholes are too traditional but I argue they really bring something special to wedding shots.

This final shot is the outlook from The Wharf wedding venue. It looks on to the bridge and Auckland city skyline, how spectacular.

I hope you've enjoyed and been inspired by the beautiful wedding of Lauren and David and their fantastic photos by

Happy wedding planning to you all
~ Emily @ Blossom

Monday, 27 June 2011

We need to talk....

...About Peonies! Or as some fancy people call the Paeonies.

Today's post is dedicated to these wondrous blooms because to me they are the epitome of a wedding flower; soft, full, and ruffly, with delicate petals and sweet scents.

Peonies are one of the most asked for wedding blooms from our clients probably because they work well with both vintage and modern, casual and formal looks.

Theresa and Sam's Wedding in November 2010, Photography by Kimberley Piggot

The only annoying this about this beautiful flower is that it only blooms for a very limited time during the year; Late-October to Mid-December, and then *poof* they're gone, just like that and we have to wait another 10 months to see them again. This is rather sad news for our clients who have their hearts set on them.

These stunning peony images were shot by the extremely talented Yoko Nekonomania whose work on Flickr is inspiring

So, for those of you considering Peonies or those unsure of what you want and getting married in early summer, I am posting some information for you about the timing and shades available during Peony season and hope I will encourage you all to fall in love with this flower as much as I have.