Monday, 27 June 2011

We need to talk....

...About Peonies! Or as some fancy people call the Paeonies.

Today's post is dedicated to these wondrous blooms because to me they are the epitome of a wedding flower; soft, full, and ruffly, with delicate petals and sweet scents.

Peonies are one of the most asked for wedding blooms from our clients probably because they work well with both vintage and modern, casual and formal looks.

Theresa and Sam's Wedding in November 2010, Photography by Kimberley Piggot

The only annoying this about this beautiful flower is that it only blooms for a very limited time during the year; Late-October to Mid-December, and then *poof* they're gone, just like that and we have to wait another 10 months to see them again. This is rather sad news for our clients who have their hearts set on them.

These stunning peony images were shot by the extremely talented Yoko Nekonomania whose work on Flickr is inspiring

So, for those of you considering Peonies or those unsure of what you want and getting married in early summer, I am posting some information for you about the timing and shades available during Peony season and hope I will encourage you all to fall in love with this flower as much as I have.

Things start off in late October with a bang and a blaze of deeps reds;

From fire engine reds like Red Charm, Red Grace and Old Faithful which we see early in the season to mid-season, to deep crimson shades such as Chippewa and Maestro, the red peonies are spectacular statement blooms.

Along with the blazing reds, early peony season sees these sultry salmon tones... aren't they magnificent, like beautiful sunsets!

Coral charm and coral sunset, pictured above are gorgeous options for those brides not keen on traditional bridal pinks. Whether simply arranged in posies on their own or mixed with creams and whites they are fabulous. These babies start early in the peony season so if you're are getting married late October, early November you are in luck!

And then the classic bridal magic happens, with these soft, feminine baby pinks. They're like fluffy marshmallows...yum!
Mon Jules, Sarah Bernhardt, Nick Shaylor and Pillow Talk are the names of a few of these pretty varieties. We start seeing baby pinks mid season, so Mid-November onwards. It doesn't get much more girly and feminine than these!

Along with the baby pinks we have the blush pinks with just a hint of colour they're another classic option.

Miss America, Moonstone, Mr Ed and Baroness Schroeder are a the colourful names of some of the blush pink varieties. We typically see these mid-season so Mid November.

If you are looking for a pink with a little more *POP* then you are in luck!

These stunners bloom mid-season. To name a few we have, Vivid rose, Dr Alexander Flemming, and Dinner plate!

Last but not least we have the whites and creams. There is nothing that quote compares to their classic beauty.
Bridal Shower, Bowl of Cream, Duchess de Nemours, Ann Cousins, Elsa Sass are a few of the glamorous names of these stunning varieties. Whites and creams typically start off in early-mid November.

For more information about what varieties might be available for your wedding date send us an email - or call 09 4759988.

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  1. Beautiful flowers!Peonies have gained the respect in different parts of the world long time ago. In ancient Greece, peonies have become a symbol of longevity. In China, peonies symbolize wealth, prosperity, presented as a sign of good wishes. In feng shui peony blossom mean all walks of life. In medieval Europe, competing with peony rose is a symbol of beauty and splendor. In our days to present peonies means to wish prosperity.

    And of course, the peonies wish you a happy marriage and joyous life for newlyweds.