Friday, 15 July 2011

For the love of Hydrangea

Here is a favourite wedding of mine that we did earlier this year for our lovely client's Sam and Courtney who married at the beautiful Grace Hill Vineyard Estate.

Their colour theme was purple and the style was shabby chic vintage, so incorporating these two concepts we used the stunning mottled purple hydrangeas as a base and various other delicious varieties including purple lisianthus, purple trachelium, purple sage, green amarathus, rosemary, ivy, asparagus fern and green berries.

The tables at Grace Hill were styled using shabby chic vintage cut crystal vases, bottles and cups, filled with tinted water in varying shades of blues, purples, lavenders and wines. 


We then filled the vases with clusters of antique hydrangea and lisianthus in all these amazing variations of purple hues. Each set up used approximately 8 bottles or glasses and all their different heights, shapes, sizes and decorations made for such a sweet and interesting table centerpiece.

The vases were surrounded with tea light candles in glass holders which when lit would catch the flame light in  the crystal glassware and look amazing.

Their unique multi-tiered cake was surrounded with the same stunning hydrangea in the various shades of purples, blue, mauve and wine.

Hydrangea is such a wonderful versatile and cost-effective bloom due to its voluptuous size and the amazing array of shades available. Hydrangea season is late November to early May with the antique colours coming through near the end of the season. Perhaps once considered old fashioned Hydrangea has made a come back in a big way and is a part of the very chic retro-wedding trend that has been around for the last few years.

I hope you loved this wedding look as much as I do. Happy planning everyone!

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