Monday, 24 October 2011

Petal Puuurrrfection

I am obsessed with the perfection of these stunning white ranunculas.

This is a bouquet I did a couple of weekends ago for our lovely bride Angie.

We were originally going to make her a posy of baby's breath but there was a freak Baby's breath shortage in Auckland and what was on the market was terrible quality so we quickly came up with a back up option for Angie and it just goes to show you flexibility pays off because the resulting ranunculas posy was a stunner.... I mean just how perfect are they!?

It's kind of ridiculous, they look almost fake.

Angie was thrilled and so was I because I got to add this gorgeous bouquet to our ever growing portfolio.

FYI Ranunculas season is Winter-Spring for all you 2012 brides who fancy a bit of this gorgeousness.

Thanks for stopping by!

~ Emily @ Blossom